is a multi-disciplinary artist
Fine Arts graduate at LUCA, school of arts, 2000

Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium
- and wherever the sun shines -

The practice of Kristien Dirkx is a multi-medial and multidimensional search in color and form. Using a wide range of media as a visual language to create a true and authentic personal universe that comes mostly intuitively, but is clearly fed by the influence of art history and research. It is a constant process of working with different types of material, used both in an experimental as in a predefined orchestrated way.
The work becomes part of its environment and it always leaves a trace, be it in the space it was physically present or in the memory of the spectator. The work creates a new  dynamic between man and nature, one that is meant to add value to both.
It is always trying to depict a state of mind and/or time, a continual search for balance and alignment that, when it is found, often needs to be destructured to evolve.
The color palette arises from a fascination with the way colors interact and influence each other and the effect this has on a viewer. Studying color theories and reading the ideas of Wittgenstein and Albers on this matter reinforce this love of colour.
In the abstract works the play of light and colour refer often to the passing of time. The traces of a visual presence, impossible to capture, the fear of time passing without experiencing and sensing it fully, only to hold in a depicted memory.
The more figurative paintings and sculptural works exude sensuality. Images are coming from the memory of a thought as experienced in a (day)dream, the senses and the human touch. The surreal becomes a new reality.