All action where art acts towards peace is truly necessary and essential.. As an antidote to weapons and war. 

As an artist, I passionately believe in the transformative power of art as a catalyst for peace. Every creation that comes from the heart or the mind serves as an antidote to the chaos of weapons and war. My work aims to cultivate understanding, empathy, and unity in a world yearning for harmony. These artistic actions aren't just necessary; they are an essential part of my creative journey, a testament to the humanistic values I hold dear and strive to convey through my art.


Creative Solace in a Chaotic World

Utilizing art as a medium to channel unrest into hope, transform emotions into color, light, and warmth, and foster new perceptions and insights.

Symbolic Artistic Activism

Engaging in visual activism by sharing love and comfort through symbolic gestures, employing art as an antidote against hate and violence.

During the exhibition at Lr.Rg. in October 2023, I hosted a live performance where I engaged in the printing action in front of a live audience. Attendees had the opportunity to witness the creation of hand-printed paper handkerchiefs,

and I offered these unique pieces to anyone interested in receiving one. The act of presenting a handkerchief is commonly linked with offering comfort and support. I initiated this action as a symbol of solace during these challenging times. Each handkerchief bore an imprinted message of love created through a small linocut crafted by my own hands. The live printing performance added an interactive and dynamic element to the artistic process, allowing people to be part of the creation of these symbols of solace, emphasizing the personal and artistic touch in spreading love and comfort as an antidote to hatred and violence.

This work has inspired me to further interpretations and future performances. 

It is the reactions and impact it will produce with the audience that interest me.