Kristien Dirkx, there were reasons, they might be forgotten

Artist Statement

The work is a practice of continuous research in visual art, performance art and activism. It is a multimedia and multi-dimensional search in color and form. My work forms a universe that arises mainly from intuition and is influenced by art history, nature, music, the changing society and my life as a human being and as an artist. It is an attempt to transform ephemeral moments into tangible, long-lasting art forms. It explores the boundaries between digital and analogue preservation in which perceived realities change and blur.

Color Palette and Inspiration
Fascination with Color

Kristien's color palette arises from a fascination with the way colors interact and influence each other, stemming from a deep study of color theories and influential thinkers' ideas.

The sensuality in more figurative paintings and sculptural works radiates a surreal interpretation of reality and human touch. The abstract works capture the play of light and color, often referring to the passage of time and the fear that time passes without fully experiencing it.

The color palette reflects a profound fascination for the interaction and influence of colors, followed by a gut feeling, consciously and unconsciously inspired by color theories and the ideas of Wittgenstein and Albers, among others. This results in attracting and pleasing the viewer and involving him emotionally in the work.

Emotional and Sensory Exploration

The play of light and color in her abstract works often refers to the passing of time and aims to capture and evoke deep emotional and sensory responses.

Influence of Femininity

Kristien's work exudes sensuality, drawing inspiration from the memory of thought as experienced in dreams and the human touch, exploring the evolving role of femininity in her artistic expression.


Subsequently, the work reflects on the influence of the female perspective and the importance of female artists in the art landscape. It embraces my own femininity and embodies the shift in my artistic expression through the evolution of my life. 

A further artistic evolution arises, among other things, through reflection on the impact of identity and gender on my work. It results in the developing integration of figurative and narrative elements, which connect and penetrate all elements within the various disciplines of the exploration and work field and therefore lead to a broader visual language.

Authenticity and Expression
Evolution of Artistic Expression

Reflecting on a journey from striving for a genderless expression to embracing her female identity and incorporating more figurative and narrative elements into her work.
Dialogue and EnrichmentEngaging in enriching conversations with artists and other thinkers, leading to deeper reflection, research, and artistic experimentation.

Shift in Beelanguage

Observing a transformation in visual language, with organic abstract forms giving way to more figurative elements, triggering a new dialogue with the audience.

Material Sustainability
Environmental Impact

My ongoing research into and within the duality of sustainability focuses on
the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials to create art, aiming to minimize the impact on the planet, the environment, and human health.

Challenges & Solutions

Exploring the drawbacks of using toxic materials in art and the challenges of finding sustainable alternatives without compromising the artistic process. Efforts to use recycled materials and non-toxic coatings while maintaining the authenticity and expressive quality of the work.

Call for Change

Advocating for a shift in the use of materials in art, aiming to inspire a more sustainable and environmentally responsible approach within the artistic community.

New Frontiers

Seeking to expand the boundaries of artistic expression by experimenting with eco-friendly materials and pushing for a positive impact through her work.

Visual and Auditory Synthesis
Chromatic Projections

Utilizing color and reflection to create ever-changing and dynamic visual experiences influenced by seasons, moments, and weather conditions.

Interactive Installations

Transforming static artworks into dynamic installations, involving movement and shape-shifting shadows that create new forms on surrounding surfaces.

Photographs by Vincent Tillieux and Oona Bovri